Cold Compression Knee Sleeve

Neo Sports Lab has adapted the best technology in making cold compression sleeves.

Cold Compression Knee Sleeve, also called cold compression knee wrap, is a revolutionary cold therapy knee compression sleeve proving relief and recovery for aching muscles and joints for all ages and sizes. It provides 360 degrees of cold compression therapy and 100% coverage of the knee joint.

By combining cold and compression, the cold compression knee sleeve is widely used for knee injury recovery.

Cold Compression Therapy

Cold compression therapy, also known as hilotherapy, combines two of the principles of rest, ice, compression, elevation to reduce pain and swelling from a sports or activity injury to soft tissues. It is also recommended by orthopedic surgeons following surgery. The therapy is especially useful for sprains, strains, pulled muscles and pulled ligaments.

Cold compression is a combination of cryotherapy and static compression commonly used for the treatment of pain and inflammation after acute injury or surgical procedures

A cold compress can help to lower the temperature in a certain part of the body while reducing pain and swelling. Applying ice to an injury restricts blood flow to the area, which can result in: slowing or stopping bleeding. reducing swelling and inflammation

Static compression is to increase external pressure on the tissue to prevent swelling. This occurs by hindering fluid loss from the vessels in the injured area, making it more difficult for fluids to accumulate.

Ice with compression is significantly colder than ice alone due to improved skin contact and increased tissue density caused by extended static compression.[2] Tissue reaches its lowest temperature faster and the tissue maintains its cool even after treatment ends.

Types of Cold Compression Knee Sleeve

There are mainly two types of cold compression knee sleeves: one is a knee wrap with ice pack inside, also refers as cold compression knee wrap, and the other is a compression knee sleeve with a cold ice gel pack inside.

Cold Compression Knee Wrap

  • 360 Degrees of Knee Coverage
  • Adjustable fit to accommodate various sizes or swelling
  • Customized Ice insert completely wrapping the knee
  • Micro fleece inner layer against the skin

Cold Compression Knee Sleeve

  • Full coverage of knee Joint
  • Easy to wear and care
  • Good compression and long-lasting cold
  • Flexible and comfortable
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