Copper Infused Ankle Sleeve

Neo Sports Lab has developed two styles copper infused ankle sleeves, one is the light weight breathable copper ankle sleeve and the other is high compression copper ankle sleeve with dual silicone gel inserts. Both ankle sleeves contain as high as 25% copper fiber.

Although it lacks studies that have looked specifically at the benefits of copper infused materials on ankle pain relief. Nor is there evidence that performance is enhanced by these devices with copper. What is interesting, however, is that copper has been shown to demonstrate both antibacterial and antiviral properties. This has explains why copper has been widely used in ankle braces or ankle sleeves. Copper infused ankle sleeves combines compression and copper into fabric to benefit from both.  Copper, due to its natural antimicrobial properties, will reduce foot fungus and smelly feet, the breathable fabric will pull moisture away from the feet, and the compression will reduce swelling and increase circulation.

Light Weight Copper Infused Ankle Sleeve

Uptofit light weight copper infused ankle sleeve is designed for moderate support for foot and ankle. It can be worn all day and night to help you go through routine activities or relax or sleep. The open-heel design allows more flexibility and mobility of your foot and ankle.

  • TRULY COPPER RICH – most companies claim their copper sleeves contain highest copper infused content, as high as 88% copper nylon, but never provide the percentage of copper. Our ankle sleeve is truly Copper Rich: 25% copper fiber, 45% nylon, 25% spandex and 5% polyester
  • COMFORTABLE BREATHABLE – we incorporate moisture wicking Polyester into the Nylon and Spandex blend to keep your skin dry and comfortable
  • TRUE COMPRESSION BETTER SUPPORT – high density tighter weaving creates true and long-lasting compression around ankle, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, swelling and soreness, promotes muscle recovery and helps in ankle joint pain relief
  • THIN & LIGHTWEIGHT – our copper ankle brace is thin, durable and lightweight, suitable for everyday wear in jogging, running, hiking, yoga, sports, gym workouts and other daily activities
  • SIMPLE STYLISH DESIGN – best copper ankle brace for women and men, fits both left and right feet, please consult the size chart to choose the best fit ankle sleeves for you and your loved ones
light weight copper ankle sleeve

Uptofit Lightweight Copper Ankle Sleeve for All Day and Night Support

Copper Infused Ankle Sleeve with Silicone Gel Inserts

NeoAlly Copper Infused Ankle Sleeve comes with dual silicone gel inserts on each side of ankle. It is designed to provide extra support to foot and ankle of plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon, ankle sprain, swelling or soreness. It also serves as ankle guard and ankle support for sports in tennis, soccer, basketball, football, running etc.

  • SILICONE GEL SUPPORT – Each brace features TWO anatomically contoured silicone inserts that fit gently inner and outer of the malleolus bones to protect and support the ankle ligament.
  • ANTI-ODOUR AND MOISTURE WICKING: This Copper Compression Ankle Sleeve is made of High Performance Cu++ Fabric (2000PPM) that helps to reduce odor and keeps skin dry. It is breathable and comfortable to wear for hours, day and night.
  • BEST ANKLE SUPPORT: This product evenly compresses your feet and ankles with right amount of pressure to relieve pain for the following conditions: Plantar Fasciitis, ankle arthritis, achilles,  tendonitis, foot & ankle swelling, inflammation, heel spur, heel pain, edema, sprain, runners’ foot, soreness and stiffness after physical activities.
  • PROMOTES MUSCLE RECOVERY: Warm compression support improves blood circulation, our compression ankle sleeve helps reduce inflammation, swelling, soreness and fatigue, ideal for ankle joint pain relief and quick muscle recovery, provides superior ankle support to prevent ankle sprain and other ankle injuries
  • A RISK-FREE INVESTMENT: We provide money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. In the rare case if you do not like our ankle sleeve or have any issues, we provide full refund or free exchange. For best fit, please refer to the size chart before ordering.

NeoAlly Copper Ankle Sleeves with Dual Silicone Gel Inserts