The Neo Sports Lab Difference

Neo Sports Lab (NSL) is specialized in designing and manufacturing Health and Wellness, Sports Protection, Injury Prevention, and Recovery and Rehabilitation products for human and pets.

All our products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified and FDA registered facilities. Our main manufactures are based in Southeast Asian – Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China and Taiwan.

Our industry-leading products include back supports, knee braces, compression sleeves for knee, wrist, ankle and elbow, hot/cold therapy wraps, dog anxiety vest, dog lift harness, leg/hip/shoulder braces for pets, horse boots, horse leg wraps, etc.

Research & Development

Research and Development is the core component of Neo Sports Lab. By working closely with the industry leading experts in Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Veterinary, and Sports Trainers, Neo Sports Lab is constantly developing new products to help in improving the quality of life, preventing injuries, and speeding up the recovery for individuals, athletes, families, and pets.

Design & Prototype

Neo Sports Lab has a dedicated team in product design and prototype. With extensive knowledge, innovation and multiple years of experience, the team is working closely with R&D to make the best products for people and pets. By applying recursive approach in product development and testing, NSL is striving to create the best products for real-world applications.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Neo Sports Lab has established strong relationship with manufacturers around the world. All our manufactures are ISO-9001 certified and FDA registered. We have an overseas team dedicated on sourcing and manufacturing. We have over a decade years of hands-on experience in manufacturing and supply chain management. We take pride in product quality control and make customer satisfaction as our highest priority.