Product Design and Development

For consumer products, especially the protection and injury prevention products for human and pets, design and development define the success of the products. At Neo Sports Lab, we have a dedicated team for product design and development. They work closely with our advisers in sports medicine, orthopedic, physical therapy, and veterinary. Beginning from innovative concepts, a product development process starts. Every little details need to be designed and thought off.

Details Define the Quality

Product development is all about details. It is the part of the design process that defines the final quality of a product. At Neo Sports Lab, we start from product concept, define materials, conduct simulations, create high quality 3D CAD models, all the way to test with prototypes. We pay to small details at every step, ensure best quality work in every process, and set up the basis for high quality final products.

From the Concept to Prototype

The first important milestone is to bring the product design concept to a first fully functional prototype. We use powerful 3D CAD software to develop the product. We design each component, create connections between the parts and integrate standard components to achieve all the features. We select materials, production methods, treatments, possible decorations. Now it is time to build a fully functional prototype. We normally work in our own shop or sometimes choose a manufacturer to work with to make a prototype, so we can test it.

Select the Best Fit Materials

Select the right material for the product is as important as the product design. There are a huge variety of materials to choose from. Using an incorrect material may not only make the product less effective, but in many cases, can cause additional damage. At Neo Sports Lab, we have an experienced team working with material manufacturers who know the ins and outs of each type of material. We compare the material and evaluate the pros and cons, and sometimes run tests before decide on which material to use for the application. By carefully choosing the right material for the product, we not only fulfill all the functional features of the product, but the product we make are also cost effective.

Run Production Samples

We start to create an initial production sample as quickly as possible after making the initial choices about what materials to use. Once that product exists in three dimensions, we can soon run tests to identify any issues in design or materials. Sometimes, the problem could be with the manufacturing process itself.

Either way, production samples are an important testing ground for a product in its infancy. Specific issues to look for include weak tolerance, surface imperfections, mold lines, shrinkage and warping, or material failure. Finding and resolving these problems early prevents them from becoming insurmountable or irreversible later in the process.

Test Early and Test Often

Real-world testing is the only way to get accurate and actionable data, so at Neo Sports Lab, we conduct testing as soon as the product samples are ready. More importantly, the tests are repeated as products evolve through each iteration. We understand one of the common traps business owners fall into is assuming that some variables stay the same even as other variables change. We enforce rigorously and repeatedly test our products in order to root out any imperfections.

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