Dog Elbow Dysplasia Brace

Neo Sports Lab is making the best dog elbow braces for arthritis and dysplasia. Our braces are highly recommended by veterinarians and provide the much needed support to help your dog in elbow dysplasia and arthritis.

Dog elbow dysplasia is a catchall term used to describe one or more inherited developmental abnormalities in a dog’s elbow joint. Generally speaking, dog elbow dysplasia means the development of arthritis in the elbow joint.

Dog elbow dysplasia typically occurs in puppies between 4 and 10 months, but some dogs don’t show any signs of the problem until they develop degenerative joint disease as adults. The problem usually affects both elbows, but sometimes it’s unilateral, meaning it only occurs in one elbow.

Dog Elbow Dysplasia Brace is the natural and most commonly used method to help treat dogs with elbow dysplasia.

Dog Elbow Dysplasia – what it is and how the dog elbow dysplasis brace helps?

What is Dog Elbow Dysplasia?

Dysplasia is a common condition in dogs. Some dogs start showing signs as puppies, while others live a fairly normal, pain-free life until they become seniors. Regardless of when your dog starts exhibiting signs, it is truly painful and for some dogs it marks the beginning of the end.

The word “dysplasia” refers to a condition where the joint has developed incorrectly. When a dog has this condition, it usually leads to a remodeling of the joint that then changes in shape and tightness. This can lead to mechanical loads that are excessive in different areas of the joint triggering a cascade of changes in the joint surface covering cartilage, the joint fluid producing joint capsule, and the other structural elements of joint and surrounding tissues. All of these this together is what causes arthritis and pain.

Overtime, a dysplastic joint will get worse, but by definition, hip dysplasia has to be present already in the young, not fully developed pet.

Dysplasia is not limited to the hip, other joints are susceptible to dysplasia as well. The most common and understood is the elbow. In fact, there are probably more dogs with elbow dysplasia than hip dysplasia. However, it is harder to recognize the signs of front leg pain, so a lot of dogs never get diagnosed and the condition often goes undetected.

Though other joints (besides the hip and elbows) may get affected with the same principle of incorrect development, they are often not recognized as dysplastic. Nonetheless, the term “dysplastic” can be used for any joint.

How A Dog Elbow Dysplasia Brace Help?

If your dog’s elbow dysplasia isn’t yet severe or you simply can’t afford surgery, there are other treatment options available. The most commonly used is dog elbow dysplasia brace. Dog elbow dysplasia braces can also help in post-surgery care.

reduce swelling and relieve pain

Elbow braces are used to correct symptoms such as limping, collapsing, inability to bear weight and excessive looseness (laxity) in the elbow joint. They are used for conditions such as Arthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Dysplasia, and Chronic Instability of the Elbow Joint. Generally, elbow braces provide support or immobilization for the Radial/Ulnar and Humerus area.

Elbow braces are usually used long-term for chronic conditions or instability but can also be used on a short-term basis for pre- or post-surgical applications. Based on the diagnosis, they can include various types of flexible or adjustable joints in order to allow or restrict motion.

Dog Elbow Brace for Dysplasia by Neo Sports Lab

We work with Veterinarians and develop the perfect braces for dog elbow dysplasia. Our design provides the much needed support right at the elbow for the dog. The braces are safely secured to your dog’s elbow without moving or sliding during dog movement.

We provide a pair of elbow braces for both dog’s legs. According to vets, when a dog injuries one leg, it is highly likely the other leg will get injured due to the imbalance caused by the injured leg. So it is essential to protect both legs with our elbow dysplasia braces.