Compression Knee Sleeve Crossfit

Neo Sports Lab has applied the most advanced technology in compression knee sleeves. We have developed several types of knee sleeves for crossfit and squats. The NeoAlly High Strength Compression Knee Sleeves are made from extra strong fabric by the advanced weaving technique. It is equivalent to 7mm neoprene knee sleeves, but with much better performance. And it is super breathable and durable, providing the superior knee support for squats and other heavy lifting.

Crossfit and squatting requires athletes to have strong, functioning knees for most movements. You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a good WOD that doesn’t put stress on your knees. Over time, all of those squats, dips, lunges, and steps can take a toll. One way to decrease the stress on your knees is to wear knee sleeves.

Good knee sleeves can help to stabilize your joints and perform better during WODs and heavy lifts. They add compression to your knees as you exercise, helping your knees function the way they are meant to. The right pair can provide compression, warmth and stability during heavy lifts and workouts.

knee sleeves for crossfit

Our Revolutionary Compression Knee Sleeve Crossfit

Almost all popular compression knee sleeves for crossfit on market are made of neoprene. Neoprene can give good compression at first use, but it loses the compression quickly after a few uses in bending and stretching. Neoprene also lacks in breath-ability causing sweat build up quickly inside, and is not only very uncomfortable to wear, but tends to acquire an almost legendary odor after a few uses. You need to wash it frequently and this will further deteriorate the supportive-ness of the sleeve.

Neo Sports Lab has developed the alternate fabric weaved knee sleeves for crossfit and squats. Those sleeves have are much thicker and stronger than normal weaved knee sleeves, and they provide much stronger compression and support than the counterpart neoprene sleeves, and the compression is consist and long-lasting. They are also breathable and comfortable to wear, and can help you to get next level of performance.

The Benefits of Compression Knee Sleeves Crossfit

Because of the nature of Crossfit, knee sleeves could be useful to you in one or more settings. You might use them during heavy lifts, for certain movements in WODs, or to simply keep your knees warm and fluid when you train. Crossfit athletes will likely benefit the most from knee sleeves that are both supportive and versatile.

If you plan to use them for WODs, you’ll want a pair that is strong enough to stabilize during heavy squats, but flexible enough to not feel constricting when running or rowing.

But why use them in the first place? For example, consider how often a Crossfit athlete might squat in a week. Take a given week of Monday’s heavy back squat session, Wednesday’s AMRAP with thrusters, and Saturday’s air squat assault. In all, that week of programming contains somewhere between 300-500 squats. That’s a lot of work on your knees.

Knee sleeves will keep your knees warm and stable while you work out, limiting injuries and keeping you feeling healthy.

Two benefits of any good pair of knee sleeves include:


The compression that your knee sleeves offer will keep your knees stable when squatting or performing other Crossfit movements. This will decrease your chance of injury and allow you to perform better when doing heavier, more explosive lifts.

Joint Warmth

Whether you are performing a 3RM squat or warming up with a PVC pipe, cold joints never feel good. Good knee sleeves will increase blood flow to your knees and keep them warm throughout your workout, helping you to be more fluid and powerful with your movements.

Things To Consider When Buying Knee Sleeves for Crossfit

So now you know what knee sleeves are, and how they’ll help you. You know they should be supportive, but not constricting. There’s a few other factors to consider first to make sure you are buying the right pair of knee sleeves for you and your fitness goals.


When you start shopping around, you’ll learn that you must choose the thickness of your knee sleeves.

Here is a brief description on the three measurements you are most likely to come across.

  • 3mm– Ideal for endurance workouts or endurance athletes.
  • 5mm– Ideal for mixed activities, like a WOD in CrossFit or any other type of cross training.
  • 7mm– Ideal for heavy lifting or any movement that requires heavy stabilization.


It’s important to consider the material of your knee sleeves, because each material will provide a different feel and different benefits.

For example, if you only need them for heavy squats, you’ll want a pair that offers less flexibility and more stability.

Here is a brief description of the materials you will find:

  • Cloth – offers light support and joint warmth. Cloth will likely wear down quicker than others with high volume exercise, but will endure basic lifting.
  • Neoprene – supportive, medium level of thickness. Neoprene is not very versatile, can lose compression quickly after heavily uses.
  • Knee Wraps – adjustable, supportive, but not always stable during workouts with variety. Good for warming up joints prior to a workout or heavy lifts.
  • Knitted – the sports-strength knitted or weaved fabric sleeves for crossfit are revolutionary – most supportive, versatile, flexible and breathable.

While neoprene sleeves are widely used for crossfit currently, the newly introduced Neo Sports Lab NeoAlly sports-strength knitted knee sleeves are thick and strong, versatile and breathable, so they are the best alternate sleeves for crossfit.


Mobility comes down to personal preference. Some people enjoy the mildly constricting feeling of a thick knee sleeve, ensuring their joints are supported. Others prefer the joint warming benefits of a light sleeve and don’t like the sensation of limited mobility.

The 3 knee sleeves from Neo Sports Lab provide different levels of support and mobility. Please check below to find the one(s) that best suite your need.

NeoAlly® High Strength Compression Knee Sleeve for Squatting

  • Extra Thick Fabric Knitted Knee Sleeve (7mm Neoprene Alternate) 
  • Super Strong  Knee Support for Squatting and Weightlifting
  • High Compression & Long-Lasting Support
  • Breathable, Comfortable & Durable
  • Anti-Slip Lock & 3D Weaving, Stay-Put & Perfect Fit

NeoAlly® Strong Compression Knee Sleeve for Crossfit

  • Strong Support Fabric Knitted Knee Sleeve (5mm Neoprene Alternate)
  • Tight-Weave Long Lasting Compression & Support
  • Super Breathable Fabric (Moisture-Wicking Polyester in the Blend) 
  • Flexible Weave Pattern Kneecap for Maximum Mobility
  • Lock-In Design & Anti-Slip Lock for Stay-Put
  • Best for Moderate to Heavy Crossfit Training

NeoAlly® Sports Compression Knee Sleeve for Crossfit

  • Moderate Support Fabric Knitted Knee Sleeve (3mm Neoprene Alternate)
  • Consistent & Evenly Distributed (C.E.D.) Compression
  • Breathable Fabric (Moisture-Wicking Polyester in Blend)
  • Anti-Slip Lock Plus 3D Curved Design for Stay-Put
  • Best for Mild to Moderate Strength Training