Knee Recovery Sleeve

Neo Sports Lab has developed several types of knee recovery sleeves for different stages in knee recovery – the High Compression Knee Sleeves for quicker recovery, the Thin Sports Knee Sleeves for post workout recovery, and the Copper Lightweight Knee Sleeves for all day and night recovery.

Knee injuries such as ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL tears are all devastating that can take months to recover from. Knee sleeves can be great for rehabilitation patients who have finished using their traditional and bulky knee braces but still need additional support for their legs to deal with the continuous and daily stress applied to their legs from activities such as weightlifting, running, or even standing. Knee recovery sleeve helps keep muscles aligned to prevent muscle fatigue which can result in further injuries, and helps alleviate pain during and after workouts. The compression from the recovery sleeve enhances the blood flow in the muscles, resulting in less swelling during a workout and faster recovery after a workout.

Quick Knee Recovery Sleeve

How Knee Sleeve Helps in Knee Recovery?

Knee sleeves that use compression fabrics can increase blood flow and aid recovery after exercise.  The fabric is made from spandex, nylon, and latex guarantees a even and long-lasting compression. Some knee sleeves like Neo Sports Lab’s incorporate the moisture wicking polyester into the fabric blend, and thus make the sleeves breathable and comfortable to wear.

Compression Sleeve for Knee Recovery

Wearing Knee sleeves will result in much faster recovery. The thin and super breathable material allows for long wear without any troubles so that recovery time can be maximized. This also enables the athlete to wear the sleeve underneath a more technical brace to ensure rapid recovery in the case of a more serious injury. The compression provided by the sleeve also reduces swelling by helping to decrease excess fluids in the body.

Knee recovery sleeves work to keep your muscles compressed to reduce inflammation and swelling and aid in recovery from runner’s knee as well as arthritis and tendonitis. The sleeves can help athletes recover from knee injuries or pain and make them more competitive on the field or court. So, if you’re recovering from knee problems or often going on long runs, go with these sleeves.

A study in the Korean Journal of Physical Therapy found that compression sleeves provided a substantial benefits to ACL recovery patients by helping them improve their strength and balance. The compression products enhance users’ proprioception, jumping ability, dynamic balance, and thigh muscle strength. The increased benefits can provide relief and enhance recovery for those suffering from shin splints or runner’s knee. The muscle realignment provided would be great for those in their final stages of their rehabilitation or those who have suffered from these injuries and still have lingering pain or soreness. Using knee sleeves can also prevent further damage in these crucial joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Compression sleeves do significantly aid muscles’ recovery once strenuous exercise is over. The sleeves can augment the movement of blood through muscles after exercising, when blood flow would otherwise slow. This increase in circulation may help flush away some of the biochemical byproducts of hard workouts, like lactate, reducing inflammation and muscle aches.

Knee Recovery Sleeves – 3 Different Stages

Stage 1: Quick Recovery

  • High compression
  • Long-lasting Support
  • Breathable fabric
  • Enhance blood flow

Stage 2: Continuous Protection

  • Spot-on even compression
  • Thin fit under pants
  • Breathable & flexible
  • Sports knee protection

Stage 3: Everyday Support

  • Copper rich fabric
  • Moderate compression
  • Light weight & breathable
  • Day & night support